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Despite never having been officially classified, Chateau Petrus is one of the single best known estates in the Bordeaux wine region. The chateau crafts some of the rarest and most sought after wines in the world, whose most avid fans have included Queen Elizabeth II (who served it at her engagement party) and President Kennedy. The 28 acre estate is located on the highest part of the prestigious Pomerol appellation on Bordeaux’s Right Bank. The vines of Chateau Petrus are planted in soil rich with black clay, ideal for growing Merlot. This varietal, in fact, accounts for nearly 96% of the vines and is used to produce a grand vin made exclusively of Merlot, a rarity among the properties of Bordeaux. Petrus wines are velvety, intensely concentrated and rich with complex aromas of truffles, chocolate, and luscious red fruit. Truly powerful, a bottle of Petrus wine from the best vintages can age for more than fifty years. An ultimate treasure for any wine collector or wine lover.

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