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Château d'Yquem : Sauternes 4

Château d'Yquem : Sauternes 4
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    A bright and aromatic non-vintage Sauternes

    The property
    The reputation of Château d’Yquem has been built over the course of the last 400 years with an apotheosis in 1855, when it was elevated to the rank of Premier Cru Classé Supérieur in the official classification ordered by the Emperor Napoleon III for the Universal Exhibition of Paris. The only estate to ever have reached this level, Yquem is undeniably one of the most legendary producers of fine wines in the world.

    The vineyard
    Château d'Yquem reigns over around 100 hectares in production, planted with 75% Sémillon and 25% Sauvignon Blanc. The Ciron, a tributary of the Garonne essential for the production of Sauternes wines, helps create an exceptional microclimate for the vineyards of the property. It is indeed the morning mists generated by this river in autumn, just before the harvest, that lead to the appearance of noble rot, Botrytis Cinerea. In addition to the characteristics of the terroir and climate, the reputation of Château d'Yquem can also be attributed to the great know-how and high standards of the estate team. With a drastically limited yield, Château d'Yquem produces Sauternes wines whose rarity gives them great prestige.

    The case
    To produce its namesake Grand Vin, the property carries out an extremely thorough selection of lots, keeping only the most exceptional and the most elegant. The other lots, which are still very high in quality, are discarded. Since 2014, Château d'Yquem has been bottling wines made from some of these lots to create a non-vintage Sauternes, which until now was made exclusively for the estate teams. This Sauternes de Château d'Yquem is made to be homogeneous and consistent. 6 editions have been produced so far.
    Today, Château d'Yquem invites you to discover these 6 editions through a unique case dedicated to each one.

    The blend
    Each edition of Sauternes de Château d'Yquem is made from a blend of several vintages. Proportions of additional vintages are gradually blended with the vintage constituting the base.
    The Sauternes 4 de Château’Yquem edition is made up of batches of four vintages from 2011 to 2016, bottled in 2017.

    The tasting
    The Sauternes de Château d’Yquem cuvées are always made from a blend of batches from several vintages. In their youth, they reveal aromas of fresh fruit, particularly citrus, along with the candied notes characteristic of noble rot wines. The texture on the palate confirms this combination of delicious freshness and pure density. As these cuvées age, the aromas of plum and orange jam reveal themselves, while the freshness is maintained thanks to a pleasant, zesty bitterness that balances the sweetness. The more these cuvées age, the more intense these candied, spicy and zesty notes become on the palate.


    Grape varieties
    Sémillon/Sauvignon Blanc


    Wine certification





    Château d'Yquem


    Contains sulphites

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